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May 14, 2020 0 Comments

One great way to build a brand voice that people trust us to provide value first before the sale. This can be in the form of information your customers want to know, a free trial of your product, or an offer that is actually valuable. Providing value before asking for the sale can increase the level of trust between your company and your customers, which in turn can improve the likelihood that they’ll open your emails and read other marketing communications.

Humor can be a great way to engage customers with your brand without coming off as too focused on the sale. You can even develop a specific type of humor that your brand uses to engage with customers. For instance, your brand might be witty, ironic, or whimsical. You’ll want to think of how you want your brand to come across before you implement this strategy, as you’ll want consistent tone in your messaging to create a strong brand voice.

There are two primary ways that you can use your brand voice to educate your customers. You can educate them about your products and services by providing more in-depth information about how they can benefit or use them. You can also educate them about things that your target market wants to know.

For instance, the outdoor brand REI recognizes that its customers are outdoor enthusiasts. It makes sense that REI would have a section on the company’s website for “Expert Advice” blogs about camping, hiking, snow sports, and paddling. This content positions REI’s brand voice as an expert without coming across as an overt sales strategy. When it comes time for one of these customers to make a purchase of outdoor equipment, they will naturally want to spend their money with REI because they see the company as an expert.

Nobody wants to simply buy things. They want to have a relationship with the brands they buy. An easy strategy that your company can use to create an actual relationship with customers is to thank them regularly. Sending out an email campaign on Thanksgiving or on your company’s anniversary for the part your customers play in your company’s success will help customers feel invested.

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